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Vodafone & Childline

Working to keep Children safe by keeping them connected

In January 2016 we announced a new partnership with ISPCC Childline with the joint vision of keeping children safe by keeping them connected.

Childline answers over 400,000 calls, texts and online contacts from children each year and relies very much on corporate partnerships such as ours to keep the lines open 24 hours a day.

Through the partnership, Vodafone has committed the following:

  • To provide and pay for the lines for children to contact Childline until 2026
  • To help raise awareness of the Childline service and make sure every child in Ireland knows how to access it
  • To help modernise the service in line with the changing needs of children – including a new digital platform
  • To help raise awareness and educate children on how to stay safe online

But we need your help

In order to provide online and phone support 24/7, 365 days a year, Childline needs to raise €3.5 m each. Vodafone has committed to used our technical, brand, and communications expertise in helping Childline provide the best possible service to children across Ireland, and through our amazing employee fundraising efforts we continue to drive awareness and support.We have set a target of €150,000 employee fundraising for each year of the partnership, which will go towards funding Childline’s all important volunteers, as well as the development of the services they provide. In 2018, Childline were in contact with children, through calls and online, over 300,000 times. Childline provides each volunteer with comprehensive professional training and essential ongoing support and supervision, ensuring they can cope with the sometimes heartbreakingly difficult situations they face on every shift.

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